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5373 1st St 5373 1st St, Katy, TX 77493

MKT Distillery

In 1893, the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad started laying rails through the area and began operation in 1895. The town named after the MKT Railroad (which was commonly referred to as the “K-T” Railroad) developed around the original train stop and railroad tracks, and today is known as Katy, Texas. The MKT line brought residents and opportunity to Katy and around 1900 Katy rice farming became an important part of life. Rice farming was highly successful, and the Katy soil was fertile. Katy’s first rice dryer was built in 1940. Katy had plenty of land for rice crops, but large crops required more rice dryers. In 1944, Roy Morrison, J.V. Cardiff and B. Ray Woods built the first rice dryers made of concrete in Texas. These rice silos and dryers are the most iconic and meaningful landmarks in Katy.

The MKT railroad, the K-T train depot, and rice are very symbolic to the history and heritage of Katy. Because of that history and legacy, we have named ourselves MKT Distillery and we use locally grown rice in every spirit we produce. By embracing those symbols, we hope to establish ourselves as “Katy’s Own”, which will help market our regional brand. The rice dryers are closed, the last harvest was processed in 2005. This iconic place is where we have chosen to distill our products in order to commemorate the importance of rice to the Katy community.

Now we invite you, our friends, and neighbors, to come to our MKT Tasting Room for Katy’s own liquor produced in the distinctive Katy Rice Silos.

Product Catalog

Bonner’s Point Vodka

750mL | 40% ABV

Bonner’s Point is an all-corn Texas vodka that is naturally gluten free. Six times distilled and proofed down with local Katy water, Bonner’s Point vodka is clean and crisp on the palate with a smooth finish. Excellent as a base for your favorite cocktail or to drink on its own either freezer chilled or room temperature while you sit on the porch and enjoy the great Texas outdoors.

Conductor’s Bourbon Whiskey

750mL | 47.5% ABV

A Texas distilled bourbon whiskey from a classic bourbon mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley all sourced from local Texas farmers. Aged for at least 1 year in the dramatic Texas climate, which gives it a very distinct yet complex flavor with hints of vanilla caramel, cinnamon, and allspice. This exceptionally smooth Texas Bourbon using all locally sourced Texas grains proofed down with Katy, Texas water gives it an incredibly unique flavor profile that can only be found at MKT.

Engineer’s Texas Corn Whiskey

750mL | 47.5% ABV

The Engineer’s Texas Corn Whiskey is sourced from local Texas Farmers and aged in locally sourced used Bourbon Whiskey barrels for 14-24 months in the Texas climate, then proofed down with local Katy, Texas water. The combination of the corn whiskey again in used bourbon barrels gives it a flavor profile that is smooth and mellow, like Scotch and Irish whiskeys. Using locally sourced corn and bourbon barrels, as well as water from Katy, Texas, creates a unique flavor that can only be found at MKT.

KT Firebox Cinnamon Moonshine

750mL | 40% ABV

We take our traditional Old KT Shine and add all-natural cinnamon and brown sugar to create a cinnamon shine that is uniquely Katy. The local rice mellows out the harshness of the moonshine and provides a flavor that is both unique to moonshine, and to Katy, Texas. Adding the natural cinnamon and brown sugar gives it a sweet, mellow, Big Red gum flavor.

MKT Hayden Baker’s Against The Grain Bourbon

750mL | 46% ABV

Hayden Baker’s Against the Grain Bourbon Whiskey is made in the same town as Hayden Baker himself. Try out this rising star’s very own branded bourbon named after his new album Against the Grain.

Smoke Stack Texas Gin

750mL | 42.5% ABV

Smoke Stack is a Texas styled gin that begins with our own Bonner’s Point vodka as a base. We macerate Texas Ruby Red grapefruit, Texas lime, Texas mint, Texas pecans, juniper and a few other spices to create a uniquely Texas flavor featuring Texas botanicals. Smoke Stack gin is very citrusy and refreshing on the palate. It makes an excellent gin and tonic and can be the base of any great summer cocktail.

Valhalla Premium Aquavit

750mL | 40% ABV

Fundamentally aquavit is a vodka-based product infused with a variety of herbs and spices. Primarily consumed in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany, our Valhalla has seven herbs and spices specially mixed together and roasted to enhance the flavors and bring a balance to them all. Once the herbs and spices have had time to impart their flavoring to the vodka, the aquavit is then added to a mix of American and French oak barrels for a unique and memorable aquavit experience.