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Southern Star Brewing Co.

Southern Star Brewing Company was founded in July 2007, located in Conroe, Texas. They were the first craft brewery in the great state of Texas to can craft beer. Due to the dramatic increase in popularity of their brews, they were provided the opportunity to move their operations in to a brand new, custom built facility in 2016. They now sit on over 13-acres of wooded property, with an extraordinary tap room to overlook the production brewhouse, an outdoor Biergarten with a live music stage and a disc golf course.

Product Catalog

Devin’s Espresso Spiked Root Beer

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

Our spiked espresso root beer is the essence of dark roasted, rich, cold-brewed coffee with layers of bittersweet dark chocolate flavors. Undeniably a palate-pleaser for those who love freshly brewed espresso.

Devin’s Original Spiked Root Beer

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

Imagine, inhaling the natural aromas of vanilla and molasses while enjoying the clean, crisp, effervescent finish in one sip. All the great things you love about root beer…With a kick.

Devin’s Spiked Chocolate Root Beer

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

Sweet and delectable. Chocolate lovers beware, the bold yet not overpowering flavors of cocoa will entice you.

Devin’s Spiked Orange Cream Soda

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

This flavor profile stands alone from the others. Devin’s spiked orange cream soda, with its bright orange flavor with a hint of vanilla ice cream finish it will take you back to your childhood.

Devin’s Spiked Vanilla Cream Soda

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

Our spiked vanilla cream has rich notes of vanilla. It is reminiscent of a classic ice cream soda…Just with a kick. Welcome to the dark side of cream soda.

Devin’s Texas Pecan Spiked Root Beer

12 oz (4 pack) | 8% ABV

A favorite among nut lovers, this blend teases your tongue with the creamy flavor combination of warm brown sugar, bettery notes and pecan flavors, giving the taste of a rich, homemade texas pecan pie…In a can.