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Pope’s Cocktails

Like so many ideas, Pope’s Cocktails was created to solve a short-term problem and developed into a free-standing solution. With the closing of Ohio’s restaurants in the spring of 2020, the cocktail syrups created and marketed by Pope’s Kitchen sat lonely in the warehouse in need of an outlet. As the state changed it’s pandemic protocols and liquor laws to allow restaurants to offer take out cocktails, an opportunity was born. Working with our friends at The Academy Tavern, the first Pope’s Cocktail pouches were offered to the community in June.

Pope’s Cocktails has evolved from those early days of hand blending 2 gallon batches of Pope’s Kitchen cocktail syrups with handmade lemonade and vodka to a 200 gallon batch. What has not changed – Simple Quality – Pope’s Cocktails is the purest ready to drink cocktail on the market today. Our cocktails are built simply with high quality ingredients lacking both coloring and flavoring agents. It is with much pride and joy the word “flavor” does not appear in our ingredient list, because when you use actual food you get to call them out by name. Featuring high quality distilled spirits, pure cane sugar, and real juices, Pope’s Cocktails never disappoints. Pope’s Cocktails are made with distilled spirits at 10% ABV. The Blueberry Lemonade and the Mojito are both Gluten Free and all of Pope’s Cocktail products are certified Kosher.

Product Catalog

Blueberry Lemonade

375mL | 10% ABV

Take a Blueberry Lemonade with you wherever you go, and bring the party with you. Made with vodka, lemon juice, blueberries, and cane sugar.


375mL | 10% ABV

Grab a Mojito and see how just 4 simple ingredients can transport you to the tropics. Made with rum, lime juice, mint & cane sugar.

Whiskey Smash

375mL | 10% ABV

No need to bring a bartender, when you bring a Whiskey Smash to your next get-together. Made with whiskey, lemon juice, and cane sugar.