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Jacksonville, FL

Brackish Vodka

Brackish Vodka is an award-winning craft vodka from Jacksonville, Florida, and is a proud partner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Made with only the finest ingredients and distilled using their proprietary process, Brackish Vodka delivers a smooth, crisp taste that’s perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktail.

Their vodka is made using only the purest water and ingredients, which is naturally filtered through layers of limestone to create a crisp, clean taste. This water is then blended with the finest American grown corn, locally sourced from family farms in the Southeastern United States. Once five-times distilled, a salt and sugar mineral filtration system is used for the smoothest vodka you’ve ever had.

Brackish Vodka prides themselves on their commitment to sustainability and the environment. They use a zero-waste production process, and are proud to support local conservation efforts, donating a portion of profits to organizations that work to protect and preserve Florida’s unique ecosystem.

So whether you’re sipping our vodka neat or mixing it into a delicious cocktail, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting a local, sustainable, and environmentally responsible craft vodka. Try Brackish Vodka today and taste the difference for yourself. Brackish Vodka, for those that live life SLIGHTLY SALTY.

Product Catalog

Brackish Vodka

750mL | 40% ABV

Distilled 5X for purity, then filtered using a unique mineral salt & mineral sugar purification process that accentuates the sweet corn notes while eliminating the burn on the finish.