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Ontario, Canada

Beattie’s Distillers

Beattie’s was born out of five generations of farm-crafted experience. It all started with our great-grandfather Roland Beattie, who came over from Scotland in 1876.  From the very beginning, he instilled the core values the family & business live by to this day: Work hard, love what you do and give back to your community.

Today, Beattie’s Farms & Distillers is led by Ken Beattie and a passionate team of family, farmers and distillery staff that all wake up every morning with one simple ambition: Make the world’s best tasting spiritsAt Beattie’s we support all the other beat makers like us in their quest to create greatness through hard work, devotion, taste and originality.

Product Catalog

Blueberry & Lemongrass Vodka

750mL | 30% ABV

A crisp-tasting vodka that lightly blends blueberry and lemon into a magical combination without abandoning our signature Beattie’s potato vodka taste. This flavoured blend comes to life over ice, with hints of blueberry and citrus for a smooth takeaway. Try it with lemonade. (You’ll never go back.)

Potato Gin

750mL | 40% ABV

Turns out, we have the pleasure of being the first Canadian distillery to make a gin entirely from potatoes. The smooth finish blends perfectly with locally sourced botanicals for a crisp, citrusy aroma and taste that puts this exceptional gin head and shoulders above the rest.

Potato Poitin

750mL | 40% ABV

Potato Vodka

750mL | 40% ABV

A subtle bouquet of buttery notes fills the glass, followed by hints of white pepper, almond and caramel. It all culminates in a smooth finish, ideal for simply enjoying over ice or in a martini with a hint of vermouth. Voted ‘World’s Best Vodka’ at the World’s Spirit Competition.

Strawberry Vodka

750mL | 30% ABV

Sweet Potato Vodka

750mL | 30% ABV

Why not try our potato vodka with a little something extra? Made with specially-selected sweet potatoes straight from the Beattie’s farm, expect a slight earthy tone with gentle aromas & flavours of vanilla, citrus and yams. Medium-full bodied palette with a long, lasting finish.